Paulette Waltz

Digital Content Manager Candidate for
Galapagos Conservancy

Brief About me

Originally from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., I have traveled to over 50 countries so far and love learning languages (currently intermediate/advanced at Spanish, intermediate at Japanese, learning Quechua and Chinese). I love using technology for a purpose and enjoy having my finger on the pulse of what's new in social media and apps. I'm a storyteller and digital content creator with a background in photography and film production. I currently split my time between the US (home base is Maryland), Peru and traveling to various locationsI enjoy hiking around large mountains, freediving, and anything creative from painting to music.

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1. facebook videos

Using given content to make a video - This video was created for Eluxe Magazine, an online magazine which currently has 35K followers. To make the video, I used stock photos, text, and motion graphics and edited the video together. This video got 2.6K views and a lot more shares, interactions, and new followers compared to previous posts that this magazines had. Even though this video was relatively successful, I believe it could have been even more successful if it were shorter. The current trend for social media videos tends to be short, but I think no matter how long a video is, quality storytelling does engage people.

Videos are now the most engaging material on Facebook - I helped to create this video for a trekking company called Killa Expeditions with my drone shots and time-lapses. It is their most-watched video at 27K, despite being over 5 minutes. At 119K followers, Killa Expeditions has a similar Facebook following as Galapagos Conservancy (about 116K). There are a good number of videos on the Galapagos Conservancy Facebook page. Optimizing and re-editing some of the videos of straight footage (perhaps with text overlay and some music) could make the current material even more shareable and compelling.

Show, don't tell - For this project, I filmed and edited a promo video for this woman's online course. The goal of the video was to capture the tone of how she works through the combination of visual aesthetics, color, and sound so that potential participants could get a feel for her personality and who they are working with. She knew she needed a video to convey her message, and sure enough, it was what people saw in the video that made people sign up. These days, people consume far more video than ever before; one-third of online activity is spent watching video. Videos can be created to highlight by showing rather than telling about Galapagos Conservancy's great initiatives.

2. twitter


Initially, I created my personal Twitter account on a whim, but ~25K later, it has evolved. My concept was to tweet 5 "things" of gratitude daily and to invite other people to share their gratitude lists as well. The potential to build community and reach people through Twitter is immense.

I use Twitter to conduct Social Network Analysis as well as finding strategies to organically grow a following. I am also well-versed with various software and analytics (Hootsuite, Crowdfire, Sprout, etc.) to schedule posts, analyze data, and grow accounts.

3. node xl

Social Network Analysis was one of the most useful courses I took while in grad school at Georgetown University's Communication, Culture, and Technology. Node XL is a tool which extracts data from social networks, identifies targets, examines networks of users, and displays it visually. This Powerpoint presentation (below, click to view) I created outlines how Social Network Analysis can potentially be applied to benefit individuals or organizations.

4. instagram

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I have helped to start and grow several accounts on Instagram. With a product-focused company such as @shonutrition, part of the strategy when starting this account was partnering with influencers and targeting the right demographic. For an organization like Galapagos Conservancy, an appropriate strategy would be needed to gain a following of the intended demographic. Other considerations are gaining followers that will actually engage, staying updated with the ever-changing algorithms, and keeping up with what's new (video chat, topic chats, and IGTV!?!).

Here is a stream of my personal account to give you a glimpse through my eyes and how just a touch of editing can go a long way:

5. analytics, ads, and organically growing audiences

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Over the last 10+ years since I first got into analytics, the amount of information available has become increasingly complex. Similarly, paid advertising such as AdWords or Facebook Promotions allows people to be extremely specific in how online advertisement campaigns are run. I have Google AdWords Certification and have used paid advertisements on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google to boost campaigns for organizations, events, and fundraising.

Online advertising is a tool which can be useful in specific instances, but I believe growing an online presence is most effective by creating quality content first, growing a following organically, and if need be, supplementing with goal-oriented campaigns depending on an organization's budget.

6. website design and fundraising

The website designs I have done have been by using different CMSes and software such as Squarespace and Wordpress in combination with some simple HTML and Java coding. An example is a simple one-page website I made for Sweet Child Peru, a nonprofit (the US 501c3 is Sacha-Munay USA) based in California which supports children in Peru who live in high altitude mountain communities.

Through the website, newsletters, and social media, I have led the online fundraising effort to support the project. What we raised has been enough to support the staff and children since it began in 2016.

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7. photo contest

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In 2012, I created and managed Georgetown University's Georgetown College's first-ever photo contest when I was working on the communications team. Although my role was lead photographer and video production assistant, the team worked collaboratively and I had the flexibility to pitch ideas and create projects.

I came up with the idea to create a photo contest for several purposes: to engage people with our newly-created social media channels, to have more interaction between students and faculty, and to collect a bank of images that we could draw from for the website and social media. It turned out to be quite successful in all of these points; there are always creative solutions to finding new ways of making connections between people, organizations, and communities.

8. youtube

Youtube is a great way to establish an online presence and to demonstrate what an organization or business does. I setup this Youtube channel and created a set of videos for a retreat center called Munay Medicine. Most of the guests that attended the retreat said that the videos were a major part in convincing them to sign up because they could visualize themselves there.

For people to make an investment of their time, money, and energy, communicating a clear message of what an organization offers is a huge asset in building trust with users. Also, having consistency in style and graphics within a person's YouTube channel can help to communicate an organization's voice.

9. passion and purposeful work

The projects and jobs that I take on I can hardly consider work because I choose projects or jobs based on supporting the mission and/or the people I work with. I have worked with several non-profits, and it has been some of the most rewarding work because I know it has made a difference. Some snippets posted here include images from my work with: Esperanca/AVODEC, an organization which supports projects in Nicaragua from clean water programs to volunteer surgical trips and Room to Read India, a very inspiring organization which provides local-language books for libraries and creates girls' literacy programs among others. Though most of my work for non-profits has been project-based as a freelancer, I would love being part of a non-profit where I could help strategize and implement ideas to build a long-term plan and to take ownership of content-creation.


That's all I have here. If you would like to see more of my work and discuss how I could help to generate amazing content for Galapagos Conservancy, please email me at pwaltz@gmail.com. Thank you so much!