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What is an intuitive reading?

We offer 15-minute intuitive readings for clients which can tell what is happening in a person’s life on the physical, emotional, or spiritual level. Readings can be general or specific if a person has something in particular they want to look more closely. For readings, we record the reading and send it to you via email. You can ask about a particular situation or allow it to be open. It can be useful to see blocks, limiting beliefs, and also the positive in a situation or person.

What does a healing session entail?

A healing session is done (in-person or by distance) through and guided by Spirit/Creator/God/Universal Energy. The healing sessions are like a conversation with your subconscious mind that clear blocks, bring insights, and bring healing. A session can be open or if a client has a particular block, experience in life which is difficult, or specific beliefs he/she wants to clear, we can clear those to allow a feeling of peace and unconditional love. One healing session is one hour long, so it could be possible that if a client has several topics he/she wants to work on, it may require several sessions. On the other hand, you might be surprised at how much healing can actually happen in just one hour. This is particularly useful for people who have a problem or block they are aware of and need help releasing it.

What are some examples of what can be done?

We can work with and clear fears, limiting beliefs, past-life work, cord-cutting, healing on animals and pets, soul fragment retrieval, speaking with ancestors, and so much more.

HOW do i receive an energetic healing session?

An energetic healing session happens without conversation and by distance (or in person). You choose your time slot, and in this time, allow yourself to turn off any phones or distractions so that you can be in a completely relaxed state. Be sure you are hydrated, and you can be sitting in a meditative posture or lying down. The healing is done and afterwards will be followed up with a recording of the things that were witnessed or anything that needs to be communicated with you. We use a variety of modalities to do this work.

What are pre- and post- ayahuasca or medicine integration sessions?

These sessions are specifically for people who are going to or who already have had plant medicine ceremonies and feel the need for guidance, need help intention-setting, or feel confused about their experiences either in medicine or in “regular” life.



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