The need for vigilance, observing the ego mind.

Thank you for joining me this far for part 6 of 9. If you are just reading this now, you may want to start at part 1. Or not!

As we saw with my example, it is so easy to get caught up in our perceptions before we spiral out of control. A miracle is always awaiting us, but it is impossible for us to accept it when we are on autopilot. In my own path, I have learned the importance of being very aware of the fear mind taking over.

Often we place the responsibility of our joy to something or someone else. It’s rare that we are taught that we have the ability to change our whole experience from within ourselves. We are used to playing the blame game, and that never leads us to peace. With this mindset, we pretend to be small, impotent and frustrated by the situations that present themselves to us in life. The default way a lot of us are programmed is to listen to that little voice of fear. I recognize that this voice is what I have chosen to listen to many times in my life and many times a day.

Through A Course in Miracles, a book which has been a significant part of my journey, I began to see the ego mind that I was listening to- the one which told me I should fear instead of love, and blame instead of taking responsibility for my own healing. It took me a lot of practice of vigilance and observation to realize that the voice in my mind that was supposed to be my friend actually wants misery and pain for me. That ego voice kept me feeling small and worthless.

The good news is that we are not guilty! Rather, we are responsible for choosing to give our experience to the Spirit again and again. We are completely responsible for the perspective we want to live our experiences. And we can have an uplifting experience every time if we choose to.

It takes a willingness to continue inviting the voice of Love and truth. Every time I create the space to welcome the voice of Love, it helps me see a situation in a different way, beyond the filters of fear and protection. And I still identify with the ego voice sometimes, but I notice more and more as I practice joining with the Spirit, the less I am willing to tolerate the old thoughts of fear and pain.

How about you? Do you notice that you’re still playing blame games or feel wrought with fear inside? If so, sometimes all it takes is a bit of willingness to invite the Spirit to have a miracle.

Feel free to comment or share some of your experiences.

With love and gratitude,