The need for vigilance, observing the ego mind.

The need for vigilance, observing the ego mind.

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As we saw with my example, it is so easy to get caught up in our perceptions before we spiral out of control. A miracle is always awaiting us, but it is impossible for us to accept it when we are on autopilot. In my own path, I have learned the importance of being very aware of the fear mind taking over.

Often we place the responsibility of our joy to something or someone else. It’s rare that we are taught that we have the ability to change our whole experience from within ourselves. We are used to playing the blame game, and that never leads us to peace. With this mindset, we pretend to

From Victimhood to Freedom

From Victimhood to Freedom

I went from being a victim of the world to accepting a 100% responsibility for all that I was experiencing.

Now, I have heard several authors and speakers say that we repeat situations when we haven’t learned all the lessons that the situation has to offer. Recognizing that I was repeating the pattern of feeling upset after a happy day, I had to ask myself what lessons did I still need to learn? What are the positive teachings of this experience in my life?

Of course, I saw a part of my mind saying "I’m not learning anything from having a bad day.” It was interesting to observe this thought, but I wanted to be really honest with myself. So I got quiet and sincerely asked what I was still learning from experiencing upset and conflict.

What I found

Ayahuasca Retreat Integration

As I had the pleasure of facilitating a 9-day retreat which included 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Spirit Plant Journeys, it occurred to me after one ceremony that I should share integration information for people post-retreat including practices that could be useful to weave into daily life. A lot of people come from different places in the world and spend time drinking Ayahuasca in Peru or other places, and then subsequently return to their regular lives or the “real world”. Everyone has a different experience with integrating the insights gained from their ceremonies and the retreat itself, and it is important to find ways to incorporate the feelings and lessons into daily life experiences.

Some post-retreat notes