It's About Practice

It is About Practice

Part 8 of 9

Thank you for following this 9-part journey so far. If you haven’t started from the beginning, you may want to consider starting here.

Today’s post is about how I approach my days now and the first steps in practicing awareness throughout your days.

Instead of my days being full of blame and denial, I open myself to actually looking at my blind spots. Sometimes I am shown through others and sometimes I have the awareness to see it myself. It’s not that we shouldn’t get upset, it’s that we don’t need to justify it.

After a lot of mind-training, my desire to go to the bottom of conflict experiences has increased and my desire to forgive and let go of certain ideas has grown. Also (and this is a big one for those of us who really like to be right), I have less of a desire to be "right" and a greater desire to be happy.

How can you better observe your thoughts without getting stuck in drama? One approach is using contemplative prayer twice a day for 20 minutes, which I will explain in more detail in tomorrow’s post. Another approach is when you find yourself in conflict or some upset, take some time before you react to join with the Spirit and ask what is happening within myself that is making me experience this right now?

These practices will help you to:

  • To be more attentive to your mind, emotions, and feelings.

  • Develop a Self-inquiry practice.

  • Take responsibility for what is happening in your life.

Tomorrow I will share more in-depth about Contemplative Prayer and its benefits.