From Victimhood to Freedom

From Victimhood to Freedom

Part 4 of 9

Written by Cristhian Felipe Marín

I went from being a victim of the world to accepting a 100% responsibility for all that I was experiencing.

Now, I have heard several authors and speakers say that we repeat situations when we haven’t learned all the lessons that the situation has to offer. Recognizing that I was repeating the pattern of feeling upset after a happy day, I had to ask myself what lessons did I still need to learn? What are the positive teachings of this experience in my life?

Of course, I saw a part of my mind saying "I’m not learning anything from having a bad day.” It was interesting to observe this thought, but I wanted to be really honest with myself. So I got quiet and sincerely asked what I was still learning from experiencing upset and conflict.

What I found was that experiencing conflict allowed me to get in touch with my emotions, to get quiet and to give myself space to self-observe. I also was learning how to transcend conflict, how to release the emotions of resentment, hatred, guilt, expectation, and others. I was learning to be more humble and communicate with those around me to feel more authentic. I was learning to forgive myself for holding onto ideas of lack and pain and how to join with the Spirit to help me see with the Spirit, without imposing my past ideas. I was learning that I am worthy and deserving to live in constant joy and that I can always choose how I want to live. I learned that I could invite joy to be present in my consciousness without denying my experience of conflict.

There were so many lessons I learned. Often the most challenging and painful circumstances in our lives actually lead us to the biggest growth and learning. As soon as I became aware of this, my experience in life changed completely. It allowed me to smile more, dance more, and sing spontaneously. It allowed me to be more open and honest in my heart, with myself and with others. I continue to appreciate getting in touch with myself deeply. Sometimes I do still have resistance, but the more I practice this, the easier it is to accept the simplicity of healing.

I went from being a victim of all of the difficult circumstances to realizing that I can see the same situation from another perspective. I thought the difficulties were about the situation itself, but once I could accept that the difficulty came from beliefs and emotions that didn’t serve me, I was empowered to make a change. The ability to change was always about me, and through this, I could experience freedom.

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