Worry Keeps Us Away from Joy

Worry Keeps Us Away from Joy

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Looking inward at my life and why I wasn’t experiencing my December joy throughout the year, I found that I was focused on worries in my everyday life. I used to hear people in my family say, "Each day comes with its own calamities". It was as if the tasks of the day came with the feeling that they were actually problems, robbing me of joy and gratitude. Then I noticed phrases creeping in my mind such as, "Everything would be great if not for having to wash all these dirty dishes" or "Everything in my day was going so well until that person looked at me that way." This way of thinking was impregnated with fear and other uncomfortable emotions. I held onto guilt or resentment as a barrier so that I could avoid experiencing those situations again, which ultimately led to me feeling isolated.  I was so accustomed to living on the defensive and I felt I was constantly on-edge.

We as humans often live with worry every day! We are occupied with a multitude of hypothetical thoughts of avoiding uncomfortable feelings or seeking to gain what gives us pleasure. Our minds are filled with analyzing who or what will generate pain, conflict or other emotions that we want to avoid or, on the contrary, we think ahead to see how we can get the most out of a situation. Actually, they are two sides of the same coin.

We are actually paying a high price for what appears to be improving our lives. All of the time and energy we invest in worrying and trying to figure our lives is actually taking us away from the joy and peace we could have in our awareness.    

These judgements we are making in our minds take us away from the enjoyment of the present. Every time that we are thinking of how our lives could be better or could have been better, we are taken out of joy. We constantly judge our experiences as good or bad, and we rarely allow ourselves the opportunity to accept our experiences without judgment and to openly witness our feelings and emotions.

So during this day, allow yourself to ask within you, “How do I feel?”. If you feel anything other than joy or notice you feel any emotion that is not ease, grace, or happiness, then you can recognize that there is conflict happening within you and there is an invitation to open up for healing.   

Feel free to comment below your experience of asking yourself this question and your feelings and emotions or send a private message so we can join in a process of clarity.

Written by Cristhian Felipe Marín.