The Joys of December

The month of December for me has always been a symbol of celebration. Growing up, I always looked forward to this time of the year. I recently asked myself, “What about this month is so special and appealing to me?” My memories around this time of the year were always fun with family and close friends. It just felt so good to feel the constant presence of joy in my heart!

Why didn’t I feel that same joy in all the other months of the year? What a strange idea that I could only feel joy around this season. The idea of joy being available to me every moment was completely foreign to me because my experience of joy was always associated with some event or holiday. I realized that I didn’t know how to feel joyful without these events. What was it that made that feeling of joy and gratitude seem so out-of-reach?

For the next nine days, I am going to share my own process that I have gone through to experience joy any time of the year. I will be sharing about the old patterns I carried of constant worry and judgement, and how I experienced life-changing shifts in my life. I will be sharing about how we can learn from our shadows and conflicts and to go from a place of victimhood to empowerment. We all deserve to experience joy every moment in every day of our lives. Please join me in reading about how I learned to welcome joy in my life.